September 11, 2015
Year End QuickBooks Procedures using an Accountant’s Copy

Year End QuickBooks Procedures


To prepare an Accountant’s Copy disc for our office:

  1. Have a new formatted disc in the floppy drive.
  2. From the File menu, choose Accountant’s Review.
  3. Click on Create Accountant’s Copy.
  4. Follow the instructions given to create the Accountant’s Copy.

If you send us an Accountant’s Copy, your QuickBooks version must be the same as ours. In order to determine which version you now have, press the Control key (Ctrl) and the (number) 1 key simultaneously. In the window that opens on your screen, look for the name of the QuickBooks version you are using, as well as the release. We support the most current releases of QuickBooks Pro for Windows. (You can download QuickBooks updates on the Intuit website). Be sure to send us your password, if applicable, along with the disc.

What will happen to your Accountant’s Copy disc:

We will make the necessary adjustments to your QuickBooks file and return your disc with the updated information. You can then merge the new data with your file without overriding any work you have done since giving us the disc.

  1. Backup your QuickBooks file before you begin.
  2. From the File menu, choose Accountant’s Review.
  3. Click Import Accountant’s Changes.
  4. Follow the instructions to merge the Accountant’s data with your file.

In addition to the disc we send you, we will provide you with a hard copy of your Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss Statement. After you have imported the Accountant’s Copy, run both of these reports and compare them to the printed reports we provided. All of the information should match.

If it does not match, or if you have any difficulty with this procedure, please call our office.

To protect your data by closing out QuickBooks for the year:

The ‘closing date’ is the last day of your fiscal year. Closing your QuickBooks file at the end of each fiscal year will prevent inadvertent changes to previous years’ data. If you attempt to enter a transaction in a closed year, QuickBooks will prompt you with this message:

“This transaction date is prior to the closing date for this company file. This will affect your accounting. Are you sure you want to make this change?”

If you see this message, click NO and enter the correct the transaction date.

To enter the closing date for the previous fiscal year:

  1. From the Company menu, choose Setup Users.
  2. If the Set Up Administrator screen appears, click Cancel.
  3. You should now be in the User List screen.
  4. Click Closing Date.
  5. Enter the closing date in the box and click OK.