July 3, 2012
The Death of Equities, Revisited

Weston Wellington, Vice President at Dimensional Funds, recently compared a 1979 Business Week article, "The Death of Equities" to 2012 quotes from Financial TImes. He humorously points out that the predictions from 1979 were totally off their marks, so it is likely that the Financial Times' 2012 dire predictions will also prove to be erroneous. In an example from Weston's article, if you had liquidated your equity portfolio in August of 1982, you would have missed out on cumulative returns that could have been as high as 1,225.9% today.

We all realize that risk and return are related. Since stocks are inherently risky, we need to include them in your long term investment portfolios so that you can ultimately obtain their superior returns.

Please let us know if you have any questions about this, and thank you again for having us be your financial advisor!

The Death of Equities, Revisited