June 12, 2012
Discussion About Gold as an Asset Class

We hope that you're enjoying the Summer! As we've done previously, we like to share with you interesting articles we find about the planning we're doing with you. Below is a recent article from Dimensional Funds about the performance of Gold as an asset class in investors' portfolios. For those of you who were at our September 2011 client event, Andrew Keiper of Dimensional Funds touched on this issue back then. This article does a nice job of going into more depth on this issue than what Andrew had time to discuss with us.

We thought you might find this interesting as it's a topic you may hear about in the news or may come up in conversations with friends. We think this article gives a good insight about how we view Gold as a potential asset class for your portfolio.

Please let us know if you have any questions about this, and thank you again for having us be your financial advisor!

Is Gold Worth Its Weight in a Portfolio?

Bryan Harris, Dimensional Funds

Please see the attached link for the article - Is Gold Worth Its Weight in a Portfolio?.