January 6, 2012
Market Timing Doesn't Work

Happy 2012!

Soon we'll be delivering your year-end-aggregate portfolio reports to you for 2011. We'll again be evaluating the performance of Dimensional Funds, Vanguard Funds, Gannett Welsh & Kotler, and other investments our clients hold to determine if they are still appropriate for their your investment goals.

We continue to hold to our philosophy that market timing does not work. While forecasters may have impeccable logic, their timing seldom reflects reality. Jim Parker graphically shows this in the article "Things Change" when he contrasts some forecasts about 2011 with their actual outcomes up to November 30, 2011. We can't be certain about the future, but we do know that a you can succeed as an investor if you persist in taking a long term view and stay diversified.

Click on the hyperlink below for Jim's full article.

Things Change by Jim Parker, VP DFA Australia