Investing Wealth

Invest with Confidence

Investors often mistakenly try to time the market, fail to diversify their investments, and/or fail to continue to invest new money. We manage your wealth differently. Working side-by-side with you, we develop an action plan based on your current financial assets, current allocations, short- and long-term goals, and risk tolerance. Our mission is to help you become a savvy and confident investor in every economic climate.

Our investment portfolios are structured based on Nobel-prize winning science and academic research in a disciplined, transparent approach. We do not have custody of client accounts and do not have discretion to trade client accounts. We discuss all trading decisions with you to make sure you understand and approve of every trade made in your account, and require your written authorization before making any trade.

Our Investment Philosophy

· We believe in the time-tested tenets and implications of Modern Portfolio Theory.

  • We do not believe that active investment management in the stock market outperforms market returns over the long run.
  • We believe having low investment management fees is very important in determining the overall performance of clients’ portfolios. We believe in using low-cost investments for our clients.
  • We believe that asset allocation and diversification across a variety of investment categories are crucial elements for the long-term success of client portfolios.
  • We believe there is a direct relationship between risk and reward. There is no free lunch, not in life and not in investing.