Investment planning perspectives during the current virus situation

During the current virus situation, we've spoken with many clients and we've been keeping in communication with you.  We understand your concerns and fears. 

We wanted to share with you the following articles we think provide some useful perspectives on your investment and financial planning during the current virus situation.  We've listed the dates each article was published in the title of each article.  We think it's interesting to see the perspectives being offered in articles that were written prior to the current situation and articles being written during the current situation.  As you can see, there are constant messages being communicated in these articles.  We want to remind you that our investment planning for you incorporates these messages as these messages are consistent with our investment philosophy.

1. David Booth on Market Volatility (May 2019)

2. Hindsight is 20.20.  Foresight Isn't.  (Dec 2019)

3. Lessons for the Next Crisis (Sep 2017)

4. Recent Market Volatility (Mar 2020)

5. The Cost of Trying to Time the Market (Mar 2020)

6. The Market Has No Memory (Jan 2020)

We're all experiencing challenges during the current situation.  We wanted to remind you that eventually this will all be over and life will return to normal.  We also wanted to remind you that things are working.  Our firm's systems are working.  Fidelity's systems are working.  Dimensional Funds' systems are working.  GWK's systems are working.  Markets are working.  Government operations are working.  Businesses are working.  We will all get through this

If you have any questions about your planning, please let us know.  Thank you again for having us be your CPA and financial advisor.