Protecting Wealth

Someone to Guide You Every Step of the Way

We work together to develop a plan based on your current financial assets and allocations, short- and long-term goals, and risk tolerance. We then develop a strategy for you to pursue and we carefully construct an action plan. We periodically review this plan with you, and we examine the success of its execution to determine whether you should stay on course or make adjustments.

At Sechrest & Bloom, we are, and have always been, fee-only advisors. As such, we do not rely on products to earn a commission -- rather we earn our fee by the amount of time and effort devoted to developing, implementing and monitoring your specific financial and investment model. This business model provides clients with an objective, unbiased approach to wealth management.

We structure investment portfolios based on Nobel-prize winning science and academic research in a disciplined, transparent approach. Further, we use Dimensional Fund Advisors mutual funds, which are designed to have long-term outperformance of popular benchmarks with reasonable tracking.