September 11, 2015
QuickBooks and RightNetworks

RightNetworks — Remote QuickBooks access


We’re excited to offer you remote access to your QuickBooks file 24/7!!! RightNetworks is our vendor of choice that can host your company’s QuickBooks file on a secure remote server, and the benefits to this arrangement are significant:

  1. There will be no need for you to perform manual nightly backups. RightNetworks will automatically back up your information for you each evening.
  2. There will be less hassle and lower IT costs for you as this program is maintained on a separate, secure server.
  3. We here at Sechrest will already have access to your file for tax planning and tax preparation, as well as any other general questions about your books, as we’ll be able to access your file on-line. No hassle with flash-drives, CDs, passwords or back and forth phones calls; just ask us to look it up and we can!
  4. Business owners can have access to their file anytime and anywhere, so long as they have an internet connection.
  5. Your employees can work together from multiple locations to make sure nothing in your books is overlooked.
  6. For any adjusting journal entries that we make for preparing your tax returns, we can post them straight to your QuickBooks file to ensure that they get recorded properly.
  7. We anticipate that this will help us keep our costs down by enabling us to spend less total time working with your QuickBooks file.

If you have any further questions about the benefits of signing up for Remote QuickBooks Access through Right Networks, or if you would like to schedule a demonstration, then please feel free to contact us at your earliest convenience.

Thank you!