Relative Performance of DFA Equity Funds with more than fifteen years of history

I was recently at an investment planning conference sponsored by Dimensional Funds (DFA) and the presenters shared with us a slide I thought you'd find interesting.  This chart shows the relative performance of all of DFA's equity mutual funds with more than a 15-year history vs. all of the mutual funds within each DFA fund's respective category during the same time period.  

Relative Performance of DFA Equity Funds with more than 15 years of history

As you can see, each DFA equity mutual fund with more than a 15-year history is at or near the top relative to its competitors' performance.  

The importance of having an investment philosophy that's supported by scientific evidence and data cannot be overstated.  However, the implementation of that philosophy is what really counts and is something that DFA excels at.  We think this chart shows that DFA's ideas and implementation of those ideas in engineering their mutual funds provides clients with a rewarding investor experience over the long-term.  

If you have any questions about your investment planning or any other areas of your planning, please let us know.  Thank you again, and we hope you and your family are enjoying the Summer!