January 1, 2015
Templates of having a personal inventory for your estate planning

We've heard it said that the greatest gift you can give your family is having a complete estate plan in place for when you die (or become disabled).

We wanted to remind you about having a personal inventory of your overall financial and non-financial affairs, along with your estate plan, so that your Survivor / Power of Attorney / Executor can easily locate everything they need to manage your affairs for you / your family.

In September 2014, we had a client event on estate planning with Attorney Melissa Langa as our speaker.  She handed out a personal inventory template her firm gives to its clients to complete for this purpose.  Below is this template, with Attorney Langa's permission, for you to prepare your personal inventory for your estate planning.

In addition, we've put together an addendum to this template to address items not mentioned, such as running-of-the-household items that would be extremely helpful to know. (i.e., How does the mortgage get paid?  Which company is the electric bill with and what is your account number?  What recurring bills are paid automatically from a bank account or credit card vs. coming in the mail?  And so on.) 

See below for these 2 templates which we hope you'll find useful.  We'd encourage you to spend some time filling out these templates as we know how helpful this will be to your family.

Personal inventory template - Bove and Langa

Personal inventory template addendum - household items

If you have any questions about this, please let us know.  Thank you!